Freeport FebFest - a celebration of arts & culture fine art, music, dance, culinary arts, theater and more


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all February
all around town

performances, exhibits,
screenings, lectures,
workshops & more!


Planning is underway for the 2nd Annual Freeport FebFest of Arts & Culture.

FebFest is Freeport's own moveable feast celebrating the richness of Freeort's arts community -- visual arts, theater, music, poetry, food & drink, film and whatever else springs up along the way.

The events included in FebFest are produced by independent organizations, businesses and individuals and are presented under the FebFest banner for the enjoyment of residents and guests in our community. FebFest opens this hidden cultural treasure trove just in time to blow some spring into the winter doldrums.

Events will be added to the calendar as they are annnounced -- continuing right through February! So bookmark this site or join us on Facebook to get the most up to date information.